CV of Travis Dunn

Full-Stack Software Architect


A veteran technologist, architect, and engineer with 15 years of experience in distributed computing and commercial software development, I have a lifelong passion for complex systems and the study of human- computer interactions.

I am currently available for consulting and freelance work.



Web Applications

I've built web servers from scratch, but I'd rather use any one of a dozen of my goto frameworks to rapidly ship a typical stack of cloud-hosted, instrumented, stateless, concurrent, throughput-favoring software-as-a-service.


If it's a system, I can automate it. Recently it was cross-platform CI in CruiseControl for a video game build pipeline across Windows and OSX. The other day it was writing a homebrew recipe for one-click Macbook developer environment setup and onboarding.

Data Science

In 2004 I was managing monolithic FoxPro / Oracle / DB2 / SQLServer licensing data for the State of FL; today I'm building expert systems, fine-tuning NoSQL database query models, and balancing messaging queue CAP. But the more things change...

Project Management

From managing outsourcing firms to flat agile teams, I'm equally happy to serve as a multiplier for others or spearhead development efforts. Having consulted for SMBs for almost a decade I excel at bridging the gaps between customers, products, and engineering.

User Experience Design

Users benefit most when code is married to design, and I love to work at that intersection; be it wireframing and flows or usability and beta testing, I can turn a useful app into a friendly one.

Systems Programming

I've worked on-and-off with systems languages since I began programming, primarily C and the Win32 APIs. From vitual drivers to game engines to web servers, it's not my strongest domain but I know how to get things done.

iOS / Android

Working with iOS since publishing New Breeders in the App Store in 2009, I've since made a few games and numerous data-driven service apps, including a couple of Android releases.


Social Media

From recommendation engines to master identity management to user policies, I have extensive experience both designing products around social media concepts and integrating with popular APIs.


Automated mining of public records, visualization dashboards, and statistical analysis are some examples of the business intelligence services I've provided to political organizations and lobbyists.


Integrating with merchant gateways, PCI compliance, scaling for traffic spikes, mobile support, and conversion tuning characterize typical problem areas I can address.


Minimum viable product development, lean startup processes, data-driven decision-making, and team scaling are just some of the common challenges I help startups overcome.


I've worked with RHINs and individual practioners alike to develop full-stack EMR systems and vendor integration, while developing master data management strategies, and following extensive compliance regulations.

Game Development

While MMO systems and mobile platforms comprise my professional experience, I'm a lifelong indie game developer comfortable addressing common design and community challenges such as virtual economies and cheat detection.


Whether instrumenting with popular services or building a custom analytics platform, split testing or cross-campaign tracking, I'll help you understand your marketing efforts and customer behavior.

Code Samples

You can view some of my code in the form of sundry libraries, utilities, and hobbyist games I've published:


*bliep — telecom
senior engineer: 2013 — present

Designed MVNO-tenanted architecture for MVNE cloud platform and telecom services, and modernized operational maturity in company devops. Orchestrated data warehousing and analysis pipelines in Hadoop and Bigquery, and reponsible for company security practice (e.g. EKI, GPG, IDS, fraud analysis, and pentesting).

Earlydoc — healthcare 2.0
CTO, lead developer: 2012 — 2013

Developed Clinical Decision Support System and Medical Guideline modeling tools behind a growing product range of EMR and infomatics-driven applications. Directed platform and technology strategy, designed secure cloud-based infrastructure, and implemented end-to-end industry compliance (HIPAA, etc).

Spaaza — ecommerce
freelancer: 2013

Full stack engineer for custom real-time analytics backend on top of retail and social media data. Developed various components for Spaaza technologies to instrument consumer activity, working closely with team to refactor codebases and integrate analytics hooks against moving target of v2 backend rollout.

Vanguard — AAA mobile games
online specialist, freelancer: 2011-2013

Research, design, and development of MMO server architecture and social gaming network servers. Worked across teams to provide web service APIs. Responsible for vendor evaluation and presenting technical whitepapers and work plans to partners in order to secure development funding.

Whatser — location-based services
lead platform engineer: 2008-2011

First employee and lead engineer on platform behind range of LBS apps and innovative gelocation API leading to €1 million Series A investment. Developed real-time search and recommendations algorithms, data management workflows, and assisted with SWOT and market positioning strategy.

Bellwether — data analysis, white-labels
co-counder, analyst: 2004-present

Technical talent, e.g. requirements gathering, data mining, rapid application development, application lifecycle planning, provisioning, security audits and penetration testing, market research, technical writing, data management plans, mail servers, user IAM, disaster recovery, and legacy application support and transitioning strategy.

Avocare — EMR
lead web architect: 2006-2008

Lead engineer for Health Information Exchange portal; microcode programmer in pharmacutical robotics research and development. Launched to scrutiny of reviewing health board, ensuring funding and participation of over 20 organizations in opening their data silos.

Desktop Alert — mass notification
lead engineer, consultant: 2006-2007

Employed during CIO departure for implementation and provide Tier III technical support to military deployments, two remote installations. Developed messaging platforms and drafted roadmap for v2, leading to continued client endorsement, six-figure licenses, and company re-staffing.

eTraining Solutions

corporate elearning
lead developer: 2006-2007

Lead architect on greenfield v2 release of enterprise market LMS (Bic, Sallie Mae). AICC/SCORM compliance, custom courseware data mappers, pedagogical/andragogical learning paths, courseware authoring; secured $200k+ revenue with pilot.


I'm a polyglot programmer dedicated to working with a broad range of technology, where the benefits of flexible problem-solving compound.

  • ruby
  • mongodb
  • jquery
  • html5
  • saas
  • aws
  • ec2
  • elb
  • css3
  • git
  • facebook apis
  • capistrano
  • rwd
  • rails
  • jquery mobile
  • tdd
  • mvc
  • rubygems
  • oauth
  • s3
  • ssh
  • lambda
  • oop
  • bdd
  • node.js
  • uml
  • c#
  • iap
  • bootstrap
  • webgl
  • google maps
  • nginx
  • seo
  • ubuntu server
  • btb
  • btc
  • debian
  • .net
  • php
  • sms
  • haproxy
  • mysql
  • http
  • sphinx
  • dns
  • ajax
  • wireframes
  • passenger
  • open source
  • visual studio
  • information architecture
  • win32
  • memcache
  • python
  • google app engine
  • dojo
  • gis
  • homebrew
  • bash
  • ios
  • sockets
  • objective-c
  • ssl
  • redis
  • uxd
  • backbone
  • tcp/udp
  • windows server
  • c
  • postgresql
  • hl7
  • soap
  • twitter apis
  • paypal
  • typography
  • active directory
  • google analytics
  • perforce
  • iis
  • sql server
  • d3
  • algorithms
  • svg
  • apache
  • elasticsearch
  • unity3d
  • mmo
  • bash
  • powershell
  • lua
  • linq
  • cloudfront
  • route 53
  • cocoa-touch
  • procedural-generation
  • asio
  • jenkins
  • wcf
  • gcc
  • lucene
  • puppet
  • gpg
  • actionscript
  • photoshop
  • xna
  • ms azure
  • zend
  • c++
  • sinatra
  • java
  • r
  • make
  • sencha
  • wpf
  • directx
  • openstack
  • physics
  • augmented reality
  • pbx
  • boost
  • frp
  • sharepoint
  • joomla
  • django
  • oracle
  • couchdb
  • chef

Contact / Info

Travis Dunn

English (expert),
Dutch (poor),
French (poor)

Philosophy/French/Math, Florida State University (2005)

Amsterdam, Netherlands


(+31) 6 39 13 82 35
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